Journal Entry 6

  1. What CST and IST grade what you allocate yourself for this project? Justify your response. In this projct I would give myself an B. Our movie was good but it wasn’t okay because we had troubles with blue screening and it wasn’t reolved. We also had troubles with group members and I should have done better myself.
  2. What could you do tonight that would improve your grade?I can’t really do anything because the project is over however doing this journal really helps.
  3. What grade do you think your team will give you for teamwork? Why?I think that for teamwork my group will give me a low A or high B because I put the effort in and tried my best but I should have done things better like spread the work around
  4. Thinking about your presentation on Monday, what do you need to do to score an “A” grade? (hint: Look at the presentation skills). What could you do before Monday, to ensure you receive an “A”?

I would need to use appropriate language, eye contact, voice projection and knowledge of the project.


Journal 5

·       What influences your values about issues relating to your life?


·       Do you ever compare images/values presented by the media to those of the bible? If so why? If not why not?

·       Has this project challenged you to examine your values? Why / Why not

Things that influence my values on issues are mostly my Family. Family comes first and also the people who I Love that mean the most to me. My School comes next as they taught me some of my values

The only thing I relate to the Media to the Bible would be all the bad things that have happened which relates to Satan and the Apocyalpse which is what the world is becoming.

It sort of does because it keeps me in line. To see some things on the news helps me toavoid them as seeing what they have done to people and communities


Journal 3

1. Open and read the “How to write a critique” document in the resources menu.

Describe what is a critique.

A critique is a way to indentify, describe and anylyse critical things about an article

2. Outline the FOUR stages in a critique.



  • opinions.
  • interperations
  • error
  • importance




  • messages
  • comments

3. Can a critique be positive? Discuss

A critique can be positive. For example a critique can be anyalysing something good in the world or show errors that may turn out good

4. Critique the accuracy of the following articles:

Completly Fake. There is no way in which there is holes under the ground so forign athletes can fall into and the olympic games(the modern ones put off ancien Greece) have not been going on for 1000 years.

For the Second Video article that is also a fake. Firstly There is no such thing as a nation Donkey Basketball League where donkeys are ridden in order to play basketball. Secondly Sports Illistrated did no such cover article with a donkey on it.

Journal 4

·       How do you feel the media portrays social justice issues?


·       Has it been difficult to find articles on social justice issues why/why not?


·       Do you think that the media operates from a moral framework? Give evidence by using your research. 


I think That Social justice is portrayed quite well by some media such as ” A Current Affair” and “60 Minutes” but not enough. Alot of the major brands in some way contribute to social Justice issues which are things such as Nike and their advertising but in actual fact cause alot of pain and suffering to people in third world countries.


It seems easy to find articles on some social justice issues because it’s global and big and apart of our world. Our issue seems to be the one were we can not find anything on. Its is harder yet agian to find two articles that contradict each other so we can present on that.


I think that most of the media focuses on a moral framework but every now and again you find one aspect of the media that makes the whole thing like it has the morality of a criminal. There was once a thing about a boy named Corey Delany who through a big party in Melbourne and damaged alot of property. At First the media was quite strict and making him out to be a lowlife but then he became famous and then newspapers started publishing what he was wearing and where to buy them from which is totally immoral.




Good Websites

Journal One

1. Describe TWO things that you have learnt during this lesson.

I have learnt or relearnt what comes out of a submarine, a periscope, also that a camera is accutually a opptical instrument.

2. Outline THREE things you know about optical technologies.

Optical Instruments are technologies that involve mirrors, lenses and prisms

3. Identify ONE aspect of the project you feel uncomfortable about and really need to know. Explain the BEST way this could be resolved.

I really need to know what and how to use the computer to graphically design my instrument and the best way to learn is maybe to have a tutorial on it or use hands on experiments

Need To Know List

Know Need to Know
  1. The Media is not always “correct”
  2. Must produce a video on media watch on a social justice issue
  3. Production Must be 10 minutes in length
  4. We must upload to specific site online
  5. Create a segment using hardware and software
  6. It will be judged by three judges
  7. Types of media (TV, Radio, Print Media, Online (Electronic)
  1. How to identify the difference between a fake and true story
  2. How to produce a video using flip video recorders
  3. What is meant by the term propaganda
  4. What is meant by contemporary media
  5. What other programs that exist that critique the media industry
  6. How to define and select  a social justice issue
  7. How to structure and preapre a segment for production
  8. How media influences social justice and community values
  9. What is meant by critque
  10. How too write a synopsis